The Librarian’s Day

Here is a story about my wife, who manages a branch of the Chicago Public Library.

The other day, Melissa woke up early and in good spirits. She went to visit the nice podiatrist who gave her a big, scary cortisone shot in her foot. He said it would start to feel sore in a few hours. Then Melissa went to work where she quickly made two discoveries. She first noted that the building was very warm and found that the air conditioning system was not working. Worse yet, she found that all the plants from her Harry Potter Herbology program had been vandalized. Then, just like the nice podiatrist said, her foot started getting very, very sore.

Melissa was sad. All the kids at the library could see this. So, some of them got together and wrote the story of Melissa’s day. And they made sure it had an especially happy ending.


The end.


Libraries have “had their day”? My log will have something to say about this.


Srsly, is there any way Margaret the Log Lady wasn’t a retired librarian?