Blogging Libraries: Making Connections

Librarians from various areas have recently commented on the underwhelming interactivity that takes place on their public library blogs. These are blogs, hosted by the library’s website, that encourage patrons to share thoughts on a variety of materials and services. For whatever reason, these blogs simply haven’t inspired the level of participation the libraries had hoped to create. My questions are 1. Why not? and 2. What types of interactive blogs have met measured success?

Has your library’s website experienced interactive blog failure? Were you able to find a remedy and garner more interest and discussion? What types of blogs have you found to be both valuable and productive? Please share your experiences or thoughts on potentially effective interactive blogs. Regardless of the type of library, the blog’s nature is one of connectivity, and I suspect these connections succeed or fail for many of the same reasons.


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3 Responses to Blogging Libraries: Making Connections

  1. Neider says:

    Our library does a YA lit blog where kids can comment on certain books or make suggestions. Not a heckuva lot of traffic there, probably because they think they’re being geeks if they do. Some kids have sort of made it their own. Our other blog is like a general community interest thing. You might think we’d get more comments with a broad subject, but we really don’t get much feedback. Maybe they can’t find it in our jumbled mess of a website. Too much going on at once.

  2. We have library blogs but none of them are linked to the library’s website. They are all on specific areas or from individual branches. I think we get more interactivity on Facebook than anywhere else.

    • Thanks for checking in. I suspect most libraries experience their primary digital interaction on Facebook. Yet Facebook offers only so much functionality, and it’s a very different kind of functionality than that of a blog. Pretty awesome that your city’s blogs are localized by branch. Not all metro libraries have quite gotten to that step–to institute a localized, multifunctional web presence in each neighborhood or community branch.

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