Who Wants Music?

I’m curious about who is seeking music in your library and what they’re looking for. If you have stats, please share. My questions are:

1. Do more music seekers want popular music or commercial alternatives (indie, folk, etc.)?

2. What’s the ratio of MP3 seekers to CD seekers?

3. Do you carry vinyl or cassettes? How well does your collection circulate?


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2 Responses to Who Wants Music?

  1. William says:

    I want music in my library. However, this whole cloud music computer experiment that google and amazon are pushing without legal authorization is making me wonder.

  2. Jeminem says:

    We circ a lot of CDs and have a pretty good collection. Lots of people want Top 40, rap, metal, and all the corporate stuff. But lots of other people-maybe more?-want indie rock, punk, and older stuff from the 90s and 80s. You’re in Chicago, so it might be different in every different neighborhood. Cool research project for MLS students!

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